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BrownBag_bethesdaIt used to be that if someone was brown-bagging, they’d probably throw a sandwich together at home and maybe toss in an apple or banana to finish out their mid-day meal, but Brown Bag has taken the modest paper sack and gone glam.  We’ve dressed up your lunchtime favorites–from sandwiches to salads–and given them a personal touch, namely, you. Customers can choose one of our signature menu items or create their own unique concoction.  Now, the ordinary, everyday rush of breakfast and lunch takes a step in the cuisine direction with a wealth of healthy, locally-grown ingredients.  Throw in a homemade soup and made-to-order omelets and your first two meals of the day just became your favorites.

We do all of this quickly—on the fly, we like to say—because our customers are busy and the world is moving fast, but that doesn’t mean that people want your standard fast food. One of the reasons Brown Bag is so successful is because we give people what they want—healthy breakfasts and lunches, fast—and we do it all while keeping a faithful eye on the environment.  It’s important to Brown Bag to be good stewards of the Earth, and our commitment to keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum is at the heart of what we do. To that end, we use plant-based, petroleum-free packaging that is biodegradable and compostable; we buy post-consumer products and strive to always choose recycled products; we purchase wind power to run our stores and buy Energy Star equipment; we choose locally-sourced products whenever possible; and we have recycling stations in all our stores.  When you eat at Brown Bag, you eat with a clean conscience—you’re doing something good for yourself and the world.  How many restaurants have that on the menu?

It’s not as hard as you might think to get into the Brown Bag family.  We’re pretty open people and we’ll take you, experience or not, because we know this business—and we know we can teach you everything you need to know to be successful.  If you decide the Brown Bag way is for you, we’ll train you, both in the classroom, and in one of our DC locations; and we’ll be with you when you open your own Brown Bag.  Promise!  We don’t leave our franchisees hanging because we know that your success is our success.  We’re in this together.

As a Brown Bag franchisee, you’ll not only be opening a restaurant with hours anyone would love, you’ll be tapping into a popular catering business. Brown Bag restaurants are well known in their respective areas for their catering.  Every day we’re busy with office breakfasts and lunches and corporate events.  Businesses are becoming more and more health conscious, and Brown Bag offers breakfast and lunch selections from vegetarian to gluten-free, all with the freshest ingredients.

Erich Fuldner opened the first Brown Bag opened in 2002; now there are 6 locations in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.  Recently, Brown Bag launched its first food truck and Brown Bag word has hit the street!  In 2012, we brought on our first franchisee. Come grown with us!

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