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Whenever Brown Bag can buy fresh and local, we do.  It’s important to us to support the community that we live in and the planet that we live on.  Our commitment to buy fresh and local has been one of the precepts on which we founded Brown Bag; so, when we discovered Capital Seaboard, we were thrilled!

Capital Seaboard has been supplying amazing seafood and produce to the eastern seaboard for 80 years now.  It’s owned and operated in Jessup, Maryland, and serves Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  They supply their customers with a broad range of produce (as well as organic produce), but not only is Capital Seaboard a trusted name in the Mid-Atlantic region for delivering fresh, quality produce, they also share Brown Bag’s core values.  In their own words:

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide you with the freshest and most eco- friendly manner of produce and seafood distribution.

We are researching new and innovative ways to reduce and reuse energy within our factory and trucking fleet. Our goal is to leave this world better than we found it. That is why our recycling program returns 80% of our packing materials to improve the environment and reduce landfills.

But Capital Seaboard isn’t all fruits and veggies.  They also sell amazing seafood.  A couple of the local suppliers they buy from are: Shooting Point Oyster Company on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and JC Walker Clams, whose company headquarters are in Willish Wharf, Virginia.  They’ve also partnered with a very innovative and forward-thinking company called CleanFish.  CleanFish is going even beyond fresh and local, they look at new ways to raise fish sustainably, and they believe in what they call a “new paradigm:” producers linked to chefs and consumers to make a cleaner future.  If you don’t know anything about CleanFish, check them out!

Clearly, Capital Seaboard has a lot of good going on, and Brown Bag is proud to be part of it.  We believe in serving our patrons only the best and freshest food, and supporting our local environment and communities is as important to us as preserving our planet as a whole.  Think globally, act locally.  Our partnership with Capital Seaboard is just one of the great partnerships we have with a supplier.  There are more to come!