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It’s important to us at Brown Bag to use fresh, local, natural ingredients and local suppliers, whenever possible, and we’re are lucky to be headquartered in a city like Washington, DC, where there is an abundance of diversity and quality when it comes to food.  One of our favorite food suppliers in DC is the Lyon Bakery.

If you haven’t tried Lyon, you’re missing out.  Founded in 2000 by three friends, each equally committed to and skilled in the art of making gourmet bread, it has grown into a thriving business that serves hotels, government organizations, leading restaurants, gourmet delis, culinary service groups and catering services.  Brown Bag chose Lyon to supply our breads because we share the same ideas about the kind of food we want to serve.  Lyon Bakery doesn’t just serve some of the best bread in DC (and lots of it—take a look at their variety), they are committed to making all-natural artisan bread with no artificial additives or preservatives.  In addition to their commitment to using only the BEST ingredients, here’s one of the things we love most about Lyon Bakery, their personal definition of the word artisan:



ar· ti· san [ahr-tuh-zuh n]

Using as few automated processes as possible, and with great care and attention to detail, here at Lyon our bakers use traditional methods of hand-molding our products. Many of our breads come in different shapes and sizes – as rolls, baguettes and loaves. As each piece of bread is hand-crafted, it leaves Lyon Bakery with an invisible stamp from the baker that created it.


In a Yelp review online, one loyal customer explains that after eating two baskets of pre-dinner bread at a local DC restaurant, he asked the server where he could get more of the delicious bread he’d just eaten, only to be told that the company, Lyon Bakery, only sells wholesale direct to restaurants—no retail.  He was disappointed, to say the least.  In the review he says that he’d decided that he’d just have to keep going back to the restaurant where he’d discovered Lyon’s breads in the first place—such was his devotion.  Luckily, he stumbled upon a Lyon Bakery stand at Union Station!  Too bad he didn’t know that Brown Bag has been just as loyally devoted to Lyon Bakery for quite a while now—and we have 6 locations all over the greater DC area!  That’s a lot of opportunities to eat great bread!

At Brown Bag, we take our sandwiches seriously, so when it came to choosing the perfect breads, we were thrilled to discover Lyon Bakery!  Come in, order up a sandwich your way or try one of our Brown Bag creations, and try DC’s best bread wrapped around your favorite, fresh Brown Bag ingredients.  You won’t be sorry!

Published July 12, 2013