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Meet the Founder

Erich Fuldner

Entrepreneurs are all pretty similar. They see and opportunity, put together a solid operating plan and dig in. Erich Fuldner is not different. As you begin to evaluate different franchise opportunities, one of the key elements that you will begin to understand is that the initial success of any franchise system is built around the founder of the company.

“Before I started the Brown Bag I had a NY Deli concept served everything from scratch. I sold the business and started a full service restaurant, and after 18 years realized that owning a healthy, fast casual concept would be much easier and more profitable then owning a full service concept.”

What came next was the development of a model that was focused a filling a niche market that wanted to enjoy fresh food from scratch in a fast casual environment. So from the napkin to the first store, the concept took shape with shorter hours. No night and left Erich’s weekends open so he could spend time with his family.

“I think this concept works in urban areas beautifully, but it also will work in suburbia where the choices are so limited. You just can’t find sandwich shops that provide hot noodle dishes, soups from scratch, incredible salads and fresh sandwiches that are all made from scratch.”


Erich says, “Our customers can taste the difference. All natural products, locally sourced artisan bread and freshly prepared food have differentiated us from our competition.”

Franchising was the next logical step for the Brown Bag.

Erich explains, “I’ve always felt that people want healthy alternatives, and given the option of having the choices, customers would pick the one that is fresh and made to order in a fast-casual location.”