The story

Whether you live and work in the city or suburban America, life always seems to be at high speed. Consumers are rushing from one thing to another and don’t usually have time to prepare a meal that is both healthy and satisfying. When the Brown Bag opened in Bethesda, Maryland in 2002, it set out to change the notion that a great meal could not be produced fast.

At Brown Bag we begin our day with the highest quality ingredients, preparing everything we serve from scratch. Our fast casual restaurants are committed to providing the freshest and healthiest food you can find. We serve each customer a great meal quickly and allow our customers to get back on their way.

Fast, fresh and flavorful all work in perfect harmony at Brown Bag—by serving Honest Food.

Today there are 8 Brown Bag locations. Each location serves our healthy fresh breakfast, lunch and catering items Monday through Friday from early morning through lunch. What makes us so different from a typical sub shop is that as we have grown we have stayed true to our values of using fresh, local, natural ingredients. We partner with local purveyors to bring you the closest, fresh, natural products that include:

  • Local Artisan Bakers Producing Multi-Grain Breads
  • Produce From Local Farms (When In Season)
  • All Natural Dairy Products
  • Hormone Free, All Natural Meats
  • No Trans-Fats or Processed Ingredients
  • Locally Roasted Coffee
  • Homemade Soups and Dressings

Take a tour around your community. Who is serving wholesome, fresh, natural choices for breakfast or lunch? If your neighborhood is like most—the choices are fairly lean.

Erich Fuldner, the President and Founder of Brown Bag franchise wanted to have an immediate impact on the communities that the Brown Bag serves. The results have been outstanding—and customer satisfaction is tremendous. Today if you walk into one of our locations it’s common to see the same customers day after day. So if you are looking for the anti-sub-shop franchise, the Brown Bag could be the key to your success.

Steps to Ownership