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Research shows that Americans are consistently eating healthier than they were ten years ago.  People have cut their intake of trans fat, and all you have to do is walk through your nearest supermarket to see the plethora of foods with labels advertising, “organic,” “gluten free,” and “non-GMO” foods.  Access to organic foods is increasing, as is nutritional labeling–and people are paying attention.

We see it every day at Brown Bag.  People come to see us because they’re looking for a healthy alternative to fast food.  They want fresh meals made on the spot, not sitting under a heat lamp, and that’s what we give them.  From our large selection of salad toppings and greens options, you can build your own salad or choose from one of our signature salads.  We have a variety of sandwiches and paninis on our menu, but patrons are welcome to design their own masterpieces as well.  Our Noodle Bowls are also popular, and available with several different sauces, as well as fresh vegetable options and meats.  In addition, patrons can choose gluten-free options like rice or quinoa or our gluten-free noodles.  And that’s just lunch!

Our breakfast offerings are a departure from the usual grab-n-go breakfast sandwich.  We offer omelets made on the spot, bagels, fresh muffins, yogurt,fruit, and more.  We’ve paired up with Swing’s Coffee, local DC-area coffee masters, to offer our customers a superior coffee experience with the benefit of healthy breakfast options.  And what we see in our Brown Bag restaurants every day is growth.  People want fresh, healthy food–but they still want it fast.

Our restaurants are located in urban locations surrounded by busy office workers, tourists and residents, and we’ve learned exactly how to give them what they want when they want it.  We’ve designed our stores to make ordering as efficient and user-friendly as possible through the use of touch-screen kiosks.  After ordering, patrons wait while their meal is prepared fresh, right in front of them.  Checkout is a breeze with the Brown Bag app, as well.  Simply link a credit or debit card to your app, and quickly scan your phone to move on through checkout.  The app also tracks loyalty points and lets customers know when they’ve earned rewards.

Brown Bag prides itself on its locally-sourced ingredients and its commitment to the environment through recycling, using paper products that are biodegradable and compostable, and purchasing wind power, when available, to run our stores.  We know we’re not the only ones who care about taking care of the planet because we hear about it in our restaurants all the time.  People like dining somewhere they don’t have to feel guilty about– in any way.  Being environmentally responsible is a foundation of Brown Bag, but it’s also a bonus to the people who eat here.

We’re on the move, and ready to keep growing!  In 2014, two new Brown Bag restaurants have opened in the DC area, and we are poised for more.  Check out our franchise page to download our franchise kit and find out how you can get involved in Brown Bag!  The world is ready and waiting for a fresh, healthy food option that moves as fast as the people ordering.  Why not be the one who brings it to them?